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R-DAS Classic R-DAS Classic
R-DAS Compact R-DAS Compact

The R-DAS Mini, Compact R-DAS, and the older, now discontinued Classic R-DAS, by AED in the Netherlands, are undoubtedly the most sophisticated pieces of avionics on the market used by non-professional rocketeers. Not only is the R-DAS a full blown recording altimeter/accelerometer, which beeps and flashes out the altitude after the flight, but it also includes 6 analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs, data logging at 200 Hz per channel, and is expandable with output boards for controlling up to 10 output events, as well as real time telemetry via a plug-in telemetry unit, XY accelerometer module, magnetic field module, thermocouple module, GPS module and On Screen video display module. The R-DAS is quite simply, head and shoulders above all the other avionics systems on the market.



There are very few cons with the R-DAS, and I must admit, the only cons I can see, have more to do with my personal preferences with rocketry avionics, rather than any real cons.

My previous gripes were answered, when AED produced the Compact R-DAS, which fits in a 38mm diameter airframe, then the Mini R-DAS which fits in a 29mm airframe, and with the availability of the Linux source code for the R-DAS download software. AED are an incredibly helpful and responsive company, and always take onboard any comments from their customers. Really good customer support!

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Where to buy the R-DAS?

The R-DAS and its modules can be bought from vendors such as Rocketstore in the UK, and Rebel Rocketry in the Netherlands, both of whom I have used a number of times before, and as a satisfied customer, I can highly recommend. Additionally, Aerocon not only sell all the AED modules for the R-DAS, but also the 3rd party magnetic field sensor module and thermocouple module. The R-DAS and the AED manufactured modules, are also available to buy online direct from the manufacturer at the AED website.

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