Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) -

The Royal Astronomical Society was established in 1820, and is the most prestigous of the UK Astronomical Organisations. The RAS holds regular astronomical lectures and presentations at its headquarters at Burlington House in Picadilly in Central London, and produces publications such as the widely read Astronomy and Geophysics magazine, and the Observatory Journal. The Royal Astronomical Society also has an exceptionally good library available for Fellows of the Royal Astronomical Society.

British Astronomical Association (BAA) -

The British Astronomical Association was established in 1890, and is the more senior of the Amateur Astronomical Societies. The BAA publishes the "Journal of the BAA", and has a wide range of observing groups, producing very high quality observations, which supplement the work of the professional astronomical community.

Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) -

The Society for Popular Astronomy is a very active Amateur Astronomical Society, with a wide range of astronomical groups. Originally founded in 1953 as the Junior Astronomical Society, it changed its name in 1994 to the Society for Popular Astronomy, since it had far outgrown its roots. The SPA publishes a magazine called Popular Astronomy, as well as news circulars.

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