Discovering model rocketry was possible in the UK in the late 1980's was a revelation. I had seen articles on model rocketry in the United States in the early 1980's, as well as articles on model rocketry in the UK, but had carried on in isolation. When I first tried model rocketry, I realised using commercial motors was going to make more sense for testing small vehicles and small payloads, and was also, infinitely safer.

Although I am predominantly active in commercial rocketry as well as High Power Rocketry, I am still keen on model rocketry too. My interest in the lower power, model rocketry end is predominatly towards flying avionics on model rockets, rocket powered winged vehicles, and scale vehicles, although over the years,I have built up a collection of general sport model rockets too.

My model rocketry fleet currently consists of:

Winged Rockets

Scale Rockets

General Sport Rockets

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