UK Space Conferences and Events

BROHP (British Oral History Rocket Project) -

The BROHP Conference is the highlight of the UK space calendar in terms of presentations, lectures, exhibitions and social events for a wide range of space people, ranging from established space companies, new space companies, students, space enthusiasts, space historians, model and amateur rocketeers through to space educators. Usually held around Easter, the BROHP Conference is highly recommended!
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UKSEDS Conference -

The UKSEDS Conference is a highly successful UK space conference that has been running for almost 20 years. Although established for students, the UKSEDS Conference is open to all, and has a very good exhibition as well as a wide range of speakers from the space industry. The UKSEDS Conference is usually held in November.
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The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards -

The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards, known as "The Arthurs", is a set of awards and a space awards ceremony for the UK, and includes awards for the space industry, media, space education and individuals. The Arthurs Awards Ceremony is held at the BROHP Conference at Easter.

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