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The following table provides a list of all known, commercially available hybrid rocket motors used in High Power Rocketry and Model Rocketry.

Colour Key (shows motors diameters by colour):

  29mm     38mm     54mm     68mm     75mm     98mm     152mm  

Manufacturer Motor Total Impulse Maximum Thrust Diameter Length Burn
R.A.T.T.Works H-70H 177Ns-(11%H) 154N 29mm 18" (457mm) 2.6 s 208 g 352.7 g
I-80H 368Ns-(15%I) 163N 29mm 28.8"-(730mm) 4.7 s 303 g 553.1 g
I-90LH 485Ns-(52%I) 174N 29mm 36.3"-(921mm) 6.4 s 366 g 694.2 g
J-190LH     29mm 48"      
J-160H 668Ns-(4%J) 411N 38mm 1219mm 5.1 s    
K-240H 1845Ns-(44%K) 553N 68mm 35.75"-(908mm) 8 s 1304g 2838.6g
L-600H 3152Ns-(23%L) 2072N 68mm 42"-(1066mm) 7.1s   2.2kg
M-900H 6463Ns-(26%M) 1945N 68mm 72"-(1828mm) 12.3s   3.3kg
Skyripper G63 85Ns-(5%G)   29mm 11.9"-(305mm) 1.2s   7.40oz
G69 128Ns-(59%G)   29mm 15.9"-(406mm) 1.8s   8.32oz
H78 180Ns-(5%H)   29mm 20.6"-(520mm) 2.8s   10.01oz
G125 145Ns-(86%G)   38mm 15.9"-(406mm) 1.2s   18.94oz
H124 224Ns-(40%H)   38mm 20.25" 1.7s   19.19oz
H155 229Ns-(42%H)   38mm 20.25" 1.7s   19.19oz
I119 407Ns-(30%I)   38mm 28" 3.0s   26.38oz
I147 519Ns-(62%I)   38mm 28" 3.5s   26.38oz
I117 436Ns-(84%I)   38mm 35.9" 4.4s   28.78oz
J144 699Ns   38mm 35.9" 4.8s   28.78oz
West Coast Hybrids G60 154 Ns   38mm 301mm-(11.9")      
H100 246 Ns   38mm 403mm-(15.9")      
I110 499 Ns   38mm 606mm-(23.9")      
J190 740 Ns   38mm 911mm-(35.9")      
K460 1988 Ns   75mm 30"      
L660 3140 Ns   75mm 40"      
M800 5680 Ns   75mm 58"      
Micro-hybrid Micro-hybrid 20Ns-(% D)   24mm        
Hypertek I-130 466Ns-(%I) 221N 54mm 546mm-(21.5") 3.6s   1051g
I-136 507Ns-(%I) 227N 54mm 546mm-(21.5") 3.7s   1001g
I-205 469Ns-(46%I) 347N 54mm 546mm-(21.5") 2.3s   1055g
I-222 519Ns-(62%I) 378N 54mm 546mm-(21.5") 2.0s   1013g
J-115 716 Ns (5%J) 282N 54mm 614mm-(25") 5.9 s   1294g
J-120FX 758 Ns (18%J) 287N 54mm 614mm-(25") 6.2 s   1309g
J-150 752 Ns (17%J)   54mm 614mm-(25") 5 s    
J-170 728 Ns (14%J) 366N 54mm 614mm-(25") 4.3 s    
J-190FX 827 Ns (29%J) 403N 54mm 614mm-(25") 4.3 s    
J-220 721 Ns (13%J)   54mm 614mm-(25") 3.3 s    
J-250 745 Ns (16%J) 501N 54mm 614mm-(25") 3 s   1294g
J-270FX 802 Ns (25%J) 532N 54mm 614mm-(25") 3 s   1309g
J-315 999 Ns (56%J) 566N 54mm 787mm-(30.5") 3.2 s   1607g
J-330 1051 Ns (64% J) 612N 54mm 787mm-(30.5") 3.2 s   1622g
K-240 1443 Ns (13% K) 425N 54mm 787mm-(30.5") 5.9 s   1607g
L-200 2639 Ns (3% L)   75mm 40" 13 s    
L-225FX 2789 Ns (9% L)   75mm 40" 12.4s    
L-350 3043 Ns (19% L)   75mm 40" 8.7 s    
L-355FX 2851 Ns (11% L)   75mm 40" 8.7 s    
L-475 2774 Ns (8% L)   75mm 40" 5.8 s    
L-535FX 2994 Ns (17% L)   75mm 40" 5.6 s    
L-540 4615 Ns (80% L)   75mm 54" 8.6 s    
L-550 3095 Ns (21% L)   75mm   5.6 s    
L-570FX 4716 Ns (84% L)   75mm 54" 8.3 s    
L-575 4831 Ns (89% L)   75mm 54" 8.5 s    
L-610FX 3131 Ns (22% L)   75mm   5.1 s    
L-625FX 4951 Ns (93% L)   75mm 54" 8 s    
M-956 6421Ns-() 1514N 98mm 1166mm 6.7 s   7.1kg
M-1015FX 6334Ns-() 1635N 98mm 1166mm 6.2s   7.2kg
M-1000 9155Ns-(79%M) 1758N 98mm 1405mm-(56") 9.1 s   8.85kg
M-1010FX 9114Ns-(78%M) 2063N 98mm 1405mm-(56") 9.1s   8.95kg
M-1001 9835Ns 1614N 98mm 1438mm-(60") 9.87s   10.1kg
M-1040FX 10098Ns-(95%M) 1618N 98mm 1438mm-(60") 9.7s   10.2kg
Aerotech J-145     54mm        
J-168     54mm        
J-211     54mm        
J-261     54mm        
J-390     54mm        
K-485 1687Ns-(31%K)   54mm        
M-845     98mm        
Propulsion Polymers H70 237Ns-(48%)   38mm 17.5"-(462mm)      
I80 460Ns-(44%I)   38mm 25"      
I160 484Ns-(51%I)   38mm 25"      
J140 664Ns-(4%J)   38mm 34"-(881mm) 4.9s    
Contrail G-100     38mm 16"-(406mm)      
G-130     38mm 16"-(406mm)      
G-300     38mm 16"-(406mm)      
G-123     38mm 16"-(406mm)      
G-234     38mm 16"-(406mm)      
H-222     38mm 16"-(406mm)      
H-141     38mm 20"-(508mm)      
H-211     38mm 20"-(508mm)      
H-303     38mm 20"-(508mm)      
H-121     38mm 20"-(508mm)      
H-246     38mm 20"-(508mm)      
H-300     38mm 20"-(508mm)      
H-246     38mm 28"-(711mm)      
    38mm 28"-(711mm)      
I-221     38mm 28"-(711mm)      
I-155     38mm 28"-(711mm)      
I-255     38mm 28"-(711mm)      
H-277     38mm 28"-(711mm)      
I-500     38mm 28"-(711mm)      
I-747     38mm 28"-(711mm)      
I-210     38mm 36"-(914mm)      
I-333     38mm 36"-(914mm)      
J-150     38mm 36"-(914mm)      
J-246     38mm 36"-(914mm)      
I-307     38mm 36"-(914mm)      
I-400     38mm 36"-(914mm)      
I-727     38mm 36"-(914mm)      
    38mm 36"-(914mm)      
J-242     38mm 48"-(1219mm)      
J-345     38mm 48"-(1219mm)      
J-222     38mm 48"-(1219mm)      
J-333     38mm 48"-(1219mm)      
J-555     38mm 48"-(1219mm)      
J-800     38mm 48"-(1219mm)      
J-245-BG 644Ns   54mm 28"-(711mm)      
    54mm 28"-(711mm)      
J-416-BG     54mm 28"-(711mm)      
J-234-BG 1033Ns   54mm 36"-(914mm)      
    54mm 36"-(914mm)      
J-358-BG 1033Ns   54mm 36"-(914mm)      
    54mm 36"-(914mm)      
J-642-BG 1033Ns   54mm 36"-(914mm)      
K-234-BG 1657Ns   54mm 48"-(1219mm)      
1657Ns   54mm 48"-(1219mm)      
K-321-BG 1570Ns   54mm 48"-(1219mm)      
K-555-BG 1686Ns   54mm 48"-(1219mm)      
K-456-BGS     75mm        
K-543-BS 2096Ns-(63%K) 2129N 75mm   3.6s    
K-300-BS     75mm        
K-404-SS     75mm        
K-678-BGM     75mm        
K-777-SM     75mm        
K-888-BM 2400Ns-(87%K) 3025N 75mm   2.67s    
L-800-BGM     75mm        
L-1222-SM 3895Ns-(43%L) 2892N 75mm   3.1s    
M-711-BS 5507Ns-(7%M) 1202N 75mm   7.2s    
M-1491-BM 5676Ns-(10%M) 5706N 75mm   3.35s    
L-1428-SM 4733Ns-(84%L) 3064N 75mm   3.1s    
L-2525-BGF 4681Ns-(82%L) 4903N 75mm   1.9s    
M-2281-BF 5481Ns-(7%M) 4400N 75mm   2.1s    
M-1575-BG 6547Ns 98mm 60"    
M-2700-BS 5990Ns 98mm 60"    
M-2800-BG 6060Ns 98mm 60"    
O-6300-BS 28,197Ns 12,955N 152mm 72" 4.5s    

Note: Figures current as of July, 2006.

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  • Availability:

    Currently, all brands of hybrid rocket motor are available direct from the U.S. manufacturers or via their U.K. distributor, Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop, or other vendors such as Pete's Rockets, Eclipse Rocketry and Rockets and Things. In the UK, the largest range of hybrid rocket motors is not surprisingly, carried by Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop. The motors can be also be bought in mainland Europe at Rebel Rocketry, Europe's largest rocket shop / online store.

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