Andy Moore -
- One of the longest running websites (along with this website), Andy Moore's rocketry website has been running since 1995, with Andy being involved in rocketry before the formation of UKRA.

Niall Oswald -
- A recent website, but absolutely filled with very well written and photographed launch reports. If you hold a rocket launch in the UK, you should hope Niall is along, so that he can write one of his excellent reports.

Damian Burrin -
- Probably the most visited of all the UK rocketry personal websites. is the website to go for video footage from rocket launches.

Marcus Lauder -
- Another very long running website (originally created in 1993!), with the rocketry section being added in 1995. Marcus is another of the rocketeers who has been involved in UK rocketry since before the formation of UKRA.

Cath Bashford -
- The personal website of Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) UK's Prefect (that is the real Tripoli UK, not the similar, mis-named company).

Darren Longhorn -
- A website that was created several years ago. Darren's website has largely been superceded by the NSRG website, the group of which he is a member.

Bob Arnott -
- A comprehensive and beautifully coded rocketry website by one of the founders of the East Anglia Rocketry Society (EARS). The website is less regularly updated since Bob has become a lot busier, but still well worth visiting for its informative rocketry content, and large number of very detailed reports on his rockets and their launches. A must visit for the keen rocketeer!

Roy Trzeciak-Hicks -
- A rocketry website by one of the founders of the East Anglia Rocketry Society (EARS), and the creator of the awesome, massive scale V-2 launched a few years ago. The website has been quiet for a while, due to Roy being very busy. Has a lot of potential for expansion though.

Steve Gibbings -
- A website that has good information on a UKRA Level-3 certification attempt.

Phil Charlesworth -
- In the science section of this website, is some of the most informative content on a rocketry website around. If you need to understand the science in rocket science, then this is the place for you to go.

Mark Cooper -
- Another of the longer running UK rocketry websites, around since the late 1990's.

Graham Platt -
- A more recent rocketry website, but one which seems to be growing more rocketry content on a regular basis.

Richard Harwood -

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