Rocketstore -

Rocketstore has a shop you can visit, as well as the online rocketry store. Rocketstore carries a very wide range of rocket products at very good prices, including Aerotech solid rocket motors from D-class to N-class, and Estes model rocket motors. The online store is very good, with rocket kits ranging from the larger High Power Rocketry kits such as those by LOC Precision and PML, through mid power rockets from Dynastar, to model rockets from Estes, Quest and Squirrel Works. Rocketstore also has a wide range of rocket components, including the AED R-DAS and G-Wiz altimeters and the Rouse Tech CD3 CO2 deployment system.

Products: Aerotech, Estes, Quest, Dynastar, LOC Precision, PML, Rousetech, AED, G-Wiz Avionics, Rowes Retainers, Top Flight Recovery.

Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Cheque, Cash.

Rockets 'n Things -

Rockets 'n Things stocks a large range of rocket kits, components and high power and model rocket motors from Cesaroni, Aerotech and Estes, and also stocks some of the more specialised model rocketry products such as boost gliders and flex wing gliders, as well as mid and high power rocketry products from LOC Precision. Rockets 'n Things attends UKRA, CROCK, EARS, SWARM, Black Knights and SERFS rocket club launches, as well as the Canterbury Cup Space Modelling Event.

Products: Aerotech, Estes, Quest, LOC Precision, Binder Design, Pratt Hobbies, Holverson, Edmonds Aerospace, Rowes Retainers, Cesaroni Pro-XX Motors.

Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, Cheque, Cash.

Congreve -

Congreve Rockets sell the popular Congreve reloadable rocket motors ranging from 29mm diameter through 38mm diameter to 54mm diameter rocket motors, and in a range of 5 propellant formulations; Standard, Fast, Whitestar, Buttkicker and the impressive Firestarter propellant. Congreve Rockets also sell a wide range of US Rockets kits too. Congreve Rockets attends Midlands Rocketry Club, Black Knights, UKRA and EARS rocket club launches.

Products: Congreve Motors, US Rockets kits.

Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal, Cheque, Cash.

Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop -

Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop is an on site and mail order rocket shop, specialising in hybrid rocket motors, and run by one of the UK's most prolific and experienced hybrid rocketeers. Uncle Bob probably has the largest range of hybrid rocket motors in Europe, and also provides hybrid rocket workshops at launch events. Uncle Bob attends UKRA, EARS, SWARM, WRS and Black Knights rocket club launches, as well as the Canterbury Cup Space Modelling Event.

Products: Contrail Hybrids, West Coast Hybrids, Skyripper Systems Hybrids, R.A.T.T.Works Hybrids, Hypertek Hybrids, Micro Hybrids.

Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Cash, Cheque.

Rocket Services

The first rocketry vendor in the UK. Rocket Services has been running since the early 1980's, and initially, produced a range of motors; running from D-class to K-class (The Rocket Services catalogue was always much anticipated). Many UK rocketeers cut their teeth on the Rocket Services F36-5 and F-72-0 motors, before moving on to the G-30 Comets, the H-200 Guppys and the reloadable H-136 and K-1280 motors. Rocket Services has now moved more into the publishing of historical UK rocketry literature, a task which it has peformed admirably over the years.

Products: Rocket Services Historical Reviews.

Payment Methods: Cheque, Cash.

Apollo 11 Model Rocketry -

Apo11o 11 Model Rocketry specialise in the model end of rocketry, and have a very large range of model rocketry components ranging from; Airframe Tubes, Centering Rings, Engine Blocks & Hooks, Launch Lugs, Tube Couplers, Engine Tubes, Recovery Materials, Fin Material, Balsa Wood Nosecones, Plastic Nosecones.

Products: Aerotech, Estes, Quest, Binder Design.

Payment Methods: Cheque, Cash, Postal Order.


Orbital Engineering -

Orbital Engineering manufacture and sell the superlative VMX rocket glider range, the VMX-2 (18mm motor mount) and VMX-12 (24mm motor mount), which can be powered on Estes, Quest and Aerotech 18mm and 24mm motors.

Rowes Retainers -

Rowes Retainers manufacture and sell anodised, coloured, aluminium motor retainers (for solid and hybrid motors) from 24mm diameter all the way up to 98mm diameter. Rowes Retainers sell screw on and bolt on versions of the retainers, with standard flat retainers, slimline retainers as well as coned retainers designed to look like engine nozzles!

Eclipse Rocketry -

Eclipse Rocketry is an amalgamation of 2 UK rocketry manufacturers; Traxa, with the well known, and very reliable RF Tracking Beacons, and Microhybrid, with complete, ready to fly 24mm diameter, micro hybrid rocket motors, as well as a full range of micro hybrid motor supplies and components.

Spacecraft -

Spacecraft manufacture and sell beautiful large flying scale models of the V-2, the X-15, the Delta winged variant of the X-15 and the Bomarc.

Airborne Engineering

Airborne Engineering manufacture and sell the robust and reliable Flantimer Onboard Rocketry Timers.


Those that are no longer still around....

For years, the only rocketry source in the U.K. was Rocket Services, catering to model and mid power rocketeers. In the late 1980's, Estes model rocket kits and motors started to be sold in the U.K. providing a new mainstream source of model rocketry hardware. Until the mid 1990's, High Power Rocketry kits, components and motors were imported individually, by those rocketeers who were more interested in the higher end of the rocketry scale. The mid-1990's saw the first wave of suppliers catering to the High Power Rocketry market. Although they are now defunct, it would seem a good idea to provide some details of them from a historical perspective, given that the majority of rocketeers in the U.K. didn't get into rocketry until after these suppliers had closed their doors.

Pete's Rockets

Formerly the largest of the UK rocketry vendors, both in terms of size, and in terms of range of products, and also laying claim to the only rocketry specific shop in the UK for many years. Pete's Rockets used to attend the major launch events, as well as some of the local group launch events (EARS and Black Knights). Was very good for High Power Rocketry kits, and avionics. Pete Davy of Pete's Rockets was actually one of the most experienced High Power Rocketry rocketeers in the U.K. and held a number of UK records from time to time.

Advanced Rocketry Components

Set up at the start of High Power Rocketry in the U.K., Advanced Rocketry Components was based in Liverpool, and imported High Power Rocketry magazine, and secured advertising for the International Rocket Weekend and the first UKRA launch event in High Power Rocketry magazine, as well as helped in the set-up of UKRA.

Alpha Rocket Shop

Another of the companies set up at the start of High Power Rocketry in the U.K. The Alpha Rocket Shop was based in Essex, was set up in 1996, and was the first UK rocketry supplier with a website, and the first supplier to stock LOC Precision kits, Impulse Aerospace kits and Boyce Aerospace kits. The owner, Adam Clark, became a successful competitor in Robot Wars, and moved out of rocketry when he started building his robots.

High Power Rockets Limited

Yet another of the companies set up early on in the development of High Power Rocketry in the U.K. High Power Rockets Limited was based in the West Midlands, and was the first rocketry supplier to stock Aerotech solid rocket motors and PML rocket kits in the U.K. back in 1996, and helped played a role in the formation of UKRA.

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