Altitude attempts in the UK, have to rank as the most controversial subject, and cause of most frustration in UK rocketry circles. Mostly due to ignorance and stupidity.

There are several decent UK rocketry groups (and yes I include the group I am in, MARS, in this list), and these groups have been running in some cases for more than 15 years, building up a huge amount of experience, and quietly setting altitude records in the process. They build on the legacy of UK rocketry groups who have been operating and setting records since the 1930's.

Unfortunately, every few years, new groups or individuals pop up out of nowhere, and claim to be about to break various records, or claim that they are the only group capable of putting a rocket into space etc.

Nothing wrong with this, but.......

There seems to be a correlation between the amount of nonsensical claims made by such new groups or individuals, and the level of their ignorance with regards to the existing UK rocketry community and rocketry in general.

Invariably, they have little clue about rocketry in general, have little idea that the number of High Power and Amateur rocketeers in the UK numbers in the hundreds, are not even aware that there are numerous launch events held in the UK for these rocketeers, have little idea about pre-existing commercially available motors, and have little idea that it is generally a close knit community with most rocketeers in good communications with each other.

If anyone ever reads this, and they fall into this category, please, please;

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