I have also been developing my own small hybrid motors. Originally, the motivation for developing my own personal hybrid motor was back in 1996, when I was working on the Bifrost Bijord Project - a completely mad but brilliant idea by Adam Clarke of Robot wars fame, to build a rocket powered snowboard, and get the land speed record for a snowboard (Needless to say, I loved the idea !). Running out of time to order either hybrid or solid motors from the US, and not having enough money to buy one anyway, I decided that maybe I should build a hybrid myself (More fun, anyway !).

The initial hybrid motor was designed to be used both for the snowboard speed attempt, and then to be used later in rockets. It is a small Nitrous Oxide / Polyethylene Hybrid motor, which seriously needs finishing. The project's been ongoing for far too long, and I really need to get around to finshing it before the next glacial epoch.

As a side benefit, a hybrid rocket motor should make a good charbroiler for barbeques. This is the scientific experiment that justifies the construction of the hybrid rocket motor more than any other.

I am also building an ultra-small hybrid motor for micro-spacecraft applications, which I will test first in small rockets. Again it is a Nitrous Oxide / Polyethylene hybrid motor. At the moment, I'm experimenting with the orifice size for the injector.

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