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Rocket launch in Lincolnshire, 1999
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Flight #: 2
Date: 4th of November, 1999
R-DAS firmware: 2.3
R-DAS Recorded Altitude: 1242 feet (G-Whiz recorded altitude: 1222 feet - 20 feet difference / 1.61% difference)
Apogee - Charge Firing Delta-t: 0 seconds
Apogee - Charge Firing Delta-h: 0 feet (0 metres)
Descent Rate at Apogee Deployment: 0 feet per second (0 metres per second)
Total Time of Flight: 57 seconds
Apogee - Charge Firing h Variance: 0%
R-DAS Flight Mode: Recording only (charges fitted to evaluate RDAS performance)
Launch Vehicle Diameter: 4 inches
Launch Vehicle Length: 7 feet
Launch Vehicle Propulsion: Aerotech I-211W
Fins: 4 clipped swept deltas (Aerofoiled)
Launch System: Rod Launch
Finish: Unfinished
Ejection Method: Motor ejection
R-DAS Data for flight of Get Real Rocket on an Aerotech I-211 (4th of November, 1999)

The flight of Get Real was a text book launch, with the rocket flying a near perfectly straight ascent to apogee. At apogee, the rocket actually performed a tail slide, descending for a few feet tail first, before the single parachute was ejected. Unfortunately, at ejection, one of the fins on the heavy tail section, clipped the payload section, leaving a nasty gouge. Apart from this, the rocket descended normally, and lander safely. When the rocket was recovered though, the LED on the R-DAS to enable altitude to be displayed was permanently on, rather than flashing out the altitude. This issue dissappeared when the R-DAS was connected to a laptop PC for data download.

The Get Real Rocket.

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