Green / Environmental Tips

Green / Environmental Tips

The following list is an amalgamation of various measures I use, various measures that have been suggested to me, various measures i have learnt about, and ideas I listed on the low cost energy efficiency page. Hopefully, they will be of use....

1. Turn off the lights

2. Turn off the TV

3. Turn down Central Heating

4. Use Compact Flurouescent Lights (CFLs)

5. Hang out clothes instead of tumble drying

6. Reduce Water Heater temperature

7. Recycle

8. Use recycled products

9. Reuse printer paper

10. Reduce printouts from printers where possible

11. Reduce the washing machine temperature

12. Use rechargeable batteries

13. Unplug appliances after use

14. Walk instead of drive

15. Cycle instead of drive

16. Use public transport where possible

17. Telecommute

18. Use less power hungry computers

19. Use LCD screens instead of Plasma or Cathode Ray tubes

20. Use reuseable cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic bags

21. Use cloth napkins instead of disposable paper napkins

22. Use Tap water rather than bottled water where possible

23. Fit a low flow shower head

24. Fit draught excluders to doors

25. Put an extra blanket on the bed instead of turning up the heating

26. Put extra clothing on instead of turning up the heating

27. Put lids on saucepans

28. Put tin foil behind radiators

29. Fit shelves above radiators

30. Insulate a hot water cylinder

31. Insulate hot water pipes

32. Try and buy energy efficient devices

33. Use a microwave oven where possible

34. Defrost food in a refridgerator rather than on a table/kitchen top

35. Wash full loads of laundry

36. Use task lighting rather than whole room lighting where possible.